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A list of select publications.

  1. Research paper: Journalists’ Role Perceptions and Diversity of News Sources: A SEM Approach in International Communication Research Journal 2018, ISSN 2153-9707 Vol. 53, No. (2), (Page 28-50)
  2. Research paper : Conceptualizing a four-factor construct for Journalists’ Job Satisfaction: A Structural Equation Modeling Method Media Watch, May 2019, ISSN: 0976-0911 Volume 10(2) (Page 165-175)
  3. Research paper: Perceived Efficacy and Intentions Regarding Seeking Mental Healthcare: Impact of Deepika Padukone, A Bollywood Celebrity’s Public Announcement of Struggle with Depression in Journal of Health Communication, ISSN: 1081-0730 Volume 22 No. 8 (Page 713-720)
  4. Research paper: Indian Opinion in South Africa: Gandhi’s quest for an Imagined Indianness in Global Media Journal Indian Edition Volume 9 Number 2 ISSN 2249 – 583
  5. Book Chapter: The Construction of an imagined Indian Identity in South Africa — Mahatma Gandhi’s Indian Opinion in Mahatma Gandhi: A journalist and Editor, Published by Press Club Kolkata, 2019 (Pages124-131)
  6. Book Chapter: Aestheticization of Public Identities: A methodology for Critical Discourse Analysis of Tweets in Cross Cutting Research in Social Sciences (Published by UGC-HRDC, University of Calcutta) ISBN 9788193936306, 2019 (Pages 170-181)
  7. Book Chapter: Media Credibility, Expertise, Trustworthiness and Confirmation Bias in Media, Democracy and Development Published by University Book House Jaipur, ISBN 9788181984937 Page 29-36
  8. Book Review: Habermas and the Media Communicator Volume LIII No 4, December 2018, ISSN: 0588-8093 (Page 361-363)
  9. Book Chapter: The Internet in India: Crystallizing the Historical Inequalities in India Connected: Mapping the Impact of New Media (Published by Sage, September 2016)ISBN-10: 9385985027 (Page 221-236)
  10. Book: Perspectives on Mass Communication Theory (Edited). Alpana Publishers, March 2019
  11. Research paper: Journalists’ Role Conception and Choice of Official News Sources: Beyond Instrumental Rationality in Journal of Global Communication, Volume 7 No 2 July – December 2014, ISSN 0974-0600 (Page 149-159)
  12. Book Chapter: Digital Competence Index: Using the Capability Approach to Measure
    Digital Divide in Essays on Marginalization in India, December 2014, ISBN : 978-93-82171-39-3 (Page 226- 253)
  13. Research: Meaningful Access to New Media Technology: A Case for Digital Capability in Communicator Volume XLV No. 1 January –December 2010, ISSN: 0588-8093 (Page 03 – 23)
  14. Research paper: A SEM methodology to Evaluate New Media Literacy Communis– A Refereed Journal of Media Studies, January 2017 ISSN 2348-3601 (Page64-84)
  15. Book Chapter: Using New Media to Address the Gender Information Deficit: Analysis of motivations for Internet Use of students in Kolkata in Media and Women: Emerging Perspectives (ed. GP Pandey) published by Sunrise Publications, New Delhi, 2014, ISBN: 9789380966359(Page 296-312)
  16. Research paper: Redefining the Virtual Self: Analysis of Facebook Discourse of College Students in Kolkata in Media Watch, May 2013, ISSN: 0976-0911 (Page 145-160)
  17. Research paper: A Theory of Media Spectatuals: A Case Study of India Against Corruption Demonstrations in the Journal of Global Communication, Volume 5, No. 2 July-December 2012, ISSN: 0974-0600 (Page 190-202)
  18. Research paper: Reconstructing Print Journalism: The Impact of New Media published in International Journal of Communication and Development, July 2011 ISSN: 2331-2498 (Page 9-16)
  19. Book Chapter: Beyond the Hegemonic Discourse on Popular Hindi Cinema Genre Structures in Bollywood Cinema: Issues of Identity and Representation, Kalyani Foundation, 2018. ISBN 97881938439-18
  20. Research paper: Theorising Community Media: An Alternative Paradigm of Participation in Public Sphere in MediaWatch, July 2011ISSN: 0976-0911 (Page 62-68)
  21. Book Chapter: Using the Capability Approach to Evaluate New Media Literacy In Issues of Journalistic Ethics and Freedom in the Contemporary Age of Digital Media, published by Journalism Congress, Kolkata, January 2012 ISBN 81-86263-004 (Page 118-125)
  22. Book Chapter: Perception and Representation of Reality: Perspectives on Media Framing In Media Ethics: Issues and Concerns published by Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, Patiala, March 2012. ISBN: 978-81-302-0157-3 (Page 95-112)
  23. Research paper: Development Communication: A New Paradigm in Communication Today, June 2012 ISSN: 0975-217X (Page 1-10)
  24. Book Chapter: A Capability Approach paradigm for sustainable development communication In Development Journalism: The Way forward (ed Prof S Bhanawat)published by Centre for Mass Communication, University of Rajasthan, ISBN: 978935265664-6 (Page 44-51)
  25. Book Chapter:Proactive Interactivity: A Discourse Analysis Perspective to Computer Mediated Communication Media Today, published by University of Rajasthan, January 2012. (Page 73-91)
  26. Conference Proceedings: Cultivating Fear: A Normative Approach to Conflict Reporting Published in Media, Democracy and Human Rights, published by MMC Colllege, Kolkata, February 2007 (Page 121-138)
  27. Conference Proceedings: Rethinking Objectivity: Diffusion of New Media Technology into Newsrooms in Media Audit : Need for Greater Accountability, Transparency and Responsibility, Behrampur University, March 2011
  28. Research Paper: Journalism Course in Calcutta University : Origin and Development (written jointly with Prof SN Bera and Tapasi Ghosh) – Published in Calcutta University Journal of Media & Communication, Vol I, No. I, Fall 2003, (Page 87-124)
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