District-wise universities

Universities in India by Districts

The 1081 Universities in India are spread out over 332 districts

Over 400 districts in India have no University

Among the 742 districts in India, 332 districts have at least one university. Jaipur, with 34 universities is the district with the highest number of universities in the country. This is followed by Bengaluru with 22 universities and Ahmedabad with 21 universities. 146 districts in the country have only one university, according to the AISHE 2019-20 data. The following interactive map provides data for each district in the country. The grey districts have no university.

2 thoughts on “District-wise universities”

  1. Prof J S GIRI Rao ( Retired)

    Instead of having a university in every district of India…. my suggestion, as an academician- served as a teacher for 33 years in a university- is to develop at least two colleges in every district of India to meet national/ global standards having right infrastructure, laboratories, libraries and best trained academicians/ teachers. State governments as well as Central government shall have to formulate a uniform syllabus imparting throughout India in every level of education.
    Jai Hind

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